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Understanding SPAM email
Posted by - NA - on 13 January 2011 09:41 PM
An important message to our customers:

I know you've probably all heard the terms 'spam' and 'spamming', but what exactly is it, and why is it bad?

Spam had been said to be 'unsolicited commercial email', but over the last few years, it has come to mean any unwanted bulk mailing. Even if you only send a few of these out, if someone complains about it to us, your host, we have to investigate. According to our terms of service, if the complaints are legitimate, we have no choice but to suspend the account, or have the entire server face being blacklisted as spammers ourselves. This would mean that our other customers on the same machine would have their mail blocked from major transfer points as well. Obviously this this not desirable or fair to them.

What if I send them only 10 at a time?
Still an issue, unless you have a list that you put together yourself, from people you know are willing to receive ads or offers from you.

But they said my list was 'opt in' and 'clean'!
There are those that sell lists of email addresses, claiming they are 'opt-in' or 'clean', but more often than not, they are harvested from web sites or usenet newsgroup postings. Unless you have gathered these addresses yourself through your own business dealings, and have asked if it's okay to mail them, you may have problems.

I've been suspended! What now?
Get in touch with us right away. I'm sure we can work this out.
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