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Do you offer Unlimited bandwidth?
Posted by - NA - on 13 January 2011 09:41 PM
Any host that offers Unlimited disk space and bandwidth is simply lying, and this "practice" is very much frowned upon in the industry. There's no such thing as an unlimited disk drive, and likewise - no such thing as unlimited bandwidth. These "resources" come at a price, and your host (no matter who they are) have to pay for these things from a supplier, who (in the case of bandwidth) will charge them per usage.

Hosts that offer "unlimted" space and bandwidth, are banking on the fact that you, their customer, are in actual fact only going to need a very small amount of disk space and bandwidth (how much space and bandwidth are you actually using right now?) - but if you were to suddenly start hosting a few GB of movie files, or start consuming exceesive bandwidth, It's more than likely that the host will find an excuse to kill your account. For example - recently, customers of a major UK Host (that advertise regularly in all the Internet Magazines), suddenly found themselves being asked to pay excessive "overage fees" due to them using more than their "unlimited" bandwidth!!! Those that didn't pay had their accounts terminated. This is well documented in the various newsgroups etc..

At NSDesign, we offer what we consider to be a reasonable set quota of diskspace and bandwidth, but of course can be flexible with regard specific customer requirements. This quota is carefully calculated to ensure that we make a profit (otherwise what would be the point) as well as ensure that the quota is sufficient for the majority of customers - approx 95% of our hosted customers never need to consider upgrading their quotas...

So - to confirm - there's no way that we'd offer "unlimted" space or bandwidth. It would be lying to our customers which is not something we are prepared to do.
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