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Important message for Hotmail and AOL users
Posted by - NA - on 13 January 2011 09:41 PM
Important message for Hotmail and AOL users

This message applies to all customers who forward email from their domain(s) to a Hotmail or AOL email address for pickup. NSDesign resellers should forward this message to their end-users.

Due to a flaw in both these companies email setup, we would strongly advise all customers NOT to forward email there.

To explain - Some of our customers have setup their domains to forward email to hotmail or aol. Now when a spam is sent to their domain, from a spammer, it gets forwarded (as expected) to their hotmail or aol account. When they then report it (or when it is automatically detected) as spam at hotmail or aol, it is our server - NOT the original sender's server that is wrongly identified as the culprit.

As a result 1 of our servers has already been blacklisted (since removed), and we continue to receive "spam complaints" from both hotmail and aol.

This is a known problem (experienced by many webhosts and isps) but despite this, Hotmail and AOL refuse to change their system. Because of the severity of this issue we will be taking the following actions:

1) We reccommend that you do not forward email to Hotmail or AOL.

2) If you continue to forward email to Hotmail or AOL, we ask that you do NOT report ANY SPAM to them that has originally been sent to your domain.

3) If we receive 1 spam complaint from AOL regarding your domain, we will manually remove all email forwarders to hotmail and aol from your account, and ban you from re-adding them.

4) If a further spam complaint is received (meaning you have re-added the forwarder), we will immediately cancel your account due to a direct breach of our terms and conditions.

We are sorry the above actions may sound harsh, but we must ensure the integrity of the server (including the non-blacklisting of the server) for the benefit of all customers. These measures must therefore remain in place until such times as Hotmail and AOL actually listen to the wider web community, and make the required changes to their email servers to correctly identify the original sender of "forwarded" email.

We thank you for your compliance in this matter.
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