0x80042109 SMTP server problem
Posted by - NA - on 13 January 2011 09:41 PM
If you receieve the 0x80042109 error when trying to send via our SMTP servers, it's because your using an ISP that is blocking it.

It's called "Transparent Proxying", and most ISPs don't bother to tell customers they are enforcing it. It's part of a spam-prevention toolkit that prevents anyone who subscribes to the ISP from connecting to any machine's port 25 other than the ISP's own SMTP server. Very Annoying.

Note however, that you can use our SMTP servers (on the Linux hosting accounts) using port 26 (instead of the default 25). Change this setting in your email application, and you should once again be able to send without any problems via our smtp servers.

(now go and complain to your ISP about them making the change in the first place!!)

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