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Dealing with Spam Email
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According to the latest figures, spam email has increased by over 100% in the last 12 months, and the sad fact of the matter is, if you use email, then you'll inevitably get sent spam mail.

The good news is, that as an NSDesign customer, there are certain features in place that allow you to deal with spam, from cutting down the volume, to pretty much eliminating it all together.

Users of our Linux Hosting have a number of options that the can implement to improve things.

Turn Off the Default (catch-all) address:
If you have your account setup, so that gets sent to you, then you're a sitting duck for spammers. It means they can guess random email addresses, and all of them will arrive at your inbox because you let them. By setting your default address to :blackhole: (including the colons) a spammer must use a valid email address in order to send you spam. They may still be able to guess or find your legitimate sales@ or info@ addresses, but the decrease in volume will be significant. The downside is that you will need to setup individual email boxes (or forwarders) via your control panel, and not rely on just the default address to accept all your email.

Turn On SpamAssassin:
SpamAssassin is a powerful spam filtering system, that uses a variety of methods to identify incoming email as spam. Messages marked as spam can either then be delivered as normal (allowing you to easily filter them via your own email application such as Outlook), moved to a special "spam folder" which you can regularly check to ensure no "real" emails have been wrongly tagged, or automatically deleted. SpamAssassin can be user configured to your requirements and once setup, will help reduce spam emails by approx 75%.

Both the above options can be setup via CPanel's "Mail" option, and of course, if you need any help, our 24/7 support desk is there to help -

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