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What are the timeframes for invoices, reminders and expiry of domains
Posted by BCS Staff on 08 June 2011 10:52 PM
Our system sends out "reminder notices" on a Sunday evening (these are not VAT invoices, but can be considered pro-forma invoices)

It will send a reminder if the "account" (a domain and/or hosting) is due within 28 days. And it will send weekly until paid (sending out an "overdue reminder" after the due date has passed).

The date that futurepay payments are taken varies (since often they are setup by the paying customer at a time of their choosing), but typically (if setup at the time of initial order), it will be taken approx 2 weeks before the due date (to give the client time to arrange alternative if the futurepay fails).

If no payment made.. depends on the domain TLD with regard how long "technically" it remains live. .COM domains pretty much expire the same day as the due date, and go offline instantly, gets a longer grace period from the registry. Our process is to suspend the account approx 2 weeks after the due date, and then fully delete the account at approx 4 weeks overdue. Email reminders continue to be sent during that time which is why it's vital to ensure we have up to date contact email for you.
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